Emotional Intelligence: One Of The Fastest Growing Job Skills And What Stops People From Developing It!

Learn more about emotional intelligence and why this is one of the fastest-growing job skills for the future and what stops people from developing it, in our free 30-minute workshop/demo.

A quick PD opportunity for 2020 which you can access either online or onsite at your workplace - You’ll learn a bit about:

  • The performance curve and what it takes for individuals, teams and organisations to reach the higher stages of performance.
  • The different interference factors that get in our way and hold us back from being the best we can be.
  • Common ways that we get stuck in negative thought, emotion, behaviour, and conflict.
  • Our solution to help slow things down, solve the root causes and be the best you can be.

In the video below BF Skinner shows how animals (people included) can be easily manipulated through simple environmental reward and punishment influences. Our free 30-minute workshop/demo shows what helps to break through that cycle of unhelpful external influence and...

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