Overcoming insecurities and the justification trap.

By Michael Mead, Director, LiveWell.Coach | 31 January 2019

'Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.' Well, I've had my fair share of conflicts and problems in life so I'd like to add those to that list as well. I think there's a misconception out there that we should be aiming for a life that's permanently happy and pain and problem free. Life just isn't like that, particularly when other people are involved. Conflicts, problems, and pain are an inevitable part of life so why spend so much time and effort trying to avoid them? I think it's better to just work on identifying the values that lead to better decisions that lead to the sorts of conflicts, problems, and struggles you enjoy solving so you can enjoy facing those head-on whenever they appear.

I have often asked myself questions like, 'what's really at the cause of conflict?',  and in this article, I've outlined some of the ideas that I've discovered from my reading that help to answer questions like that.


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