Engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes that are essential to an organization’s financial success, including productivity, profitability and customer ratings, according to extensive research conducted by Gallup research.

Our training is designed to achieve maximum impact through the 70-20-10 model of learning and development and through a clearly demonstrated positive return on investment.



For organisations, this can mean the difference between employees who are happy and productive at work and those who aren't and likely to spread their negativity towards their co-workers and customers. Gallup Research has consistently shown that up to 75% of an organisation's workforce can be disengaged, that active disengagement can cost organisations up to 35% in wasted salary and that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers and have a strong competitive advantage.

Emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills that are driven by better values and the ability to test the truth and validity of limiting beliefs and ask quality questions to safely explore shared meaning and impact, are the key to improving goal alignment and task clarity, development, support, encouragement, recognition and motivation for addressing poor engagement across an organisation. 


To ensure maximum impact and return on investment we have the following options for onsite delivery:

  • One day workshop, two half day sessions or four two hour weekly sessions.
  • Follow up monthly group coaching.
  • 12 week online training program with automarking quizzes.
  • 26 week Leadership Pathway Program.

To reduce conflict at work and in life, and improve engagement, accountability, innovation, collaboration, productivity and performance our training focuses on addressing the true root causes of these problems to improve self-awareness, help reframe values, test limiting beliefs and to improve the quality of the questions that people ask of each other so they can explore shared meaning and the impact they are having in safe ways that are less likely to trigger each others' insecurities.


Our workshops, online training and follow up group coaching sessions are suitable for everyone.

Our leadership pathway program is suitable for current and emerging leaders. 


Our training is designed to deliver a clearly demonstrated positive return on investment following the 70-20-10 model of learning and development (70% from on the job application and experience, 20% from interaction with others e.g. group coaching, mentoring, social learning and 10% from formal education e.g. workshops).

Reach out to discuss your specific needs and the type of change and impact that you are looking for and we'll help guide you towards options that best suit your needs and budget.

There are many ways to measure the impact of our training. Organisations need to see a clear correlation between the cost associated with the time away from work attending the training and the revenue that has been saved and generated as a result of the training.

We establish this clear link through the use of ROI Business Improvement Logs that show the time and/or dollars saved or generated as a result of applying our workshop key takeaways to test and reframe values and beliefs and overcome negative emotion that would otherwise have stopped participants from achieving those documented mini successes.

Other ways of measuring impact include looking at historical data of, other possible attributable factors for, and improvements post training in:

  • Employee turnover rates and associated costs.
  • Customer feedback ratings.
  • Internal engagement survey results and savings in salary.
  • Internal productivity measures.
  • Team and individual sale results.
  • Other pointers towards expenditure savings, revenue and profit.

The key principles are delivered in a discussion format led by a LiveWell.Coach facilitator.

The facilitation includes individual and group exercises, video playback, instructor led examples and opportunities to apply the principles and frameworks delivered to the current workplace and personal situations that participants face.

Our Leadership Pathway Program is designed to help existing and emerging leaders and managers to develop the key emotional intelligence, communication, leadership and management skills required for better team performance.

The program runs for 26 weeks and includes:

  • 9 one to one coaching sessions with a LiveWell facilitator.
  • 26 weeks access to our online training program.
  • Access to our coaching, conflict management and situational leadership support tools which they will use during their everyday interactions with people. 
  • Once they have completed the online training and their first three hours of coaching sessions they will start their Team Collaboration Project where they will apply their new leadership, management and coaching skills across 32 hours of leadership, management and coaching sessions to help at least two other people from their organisation towards the achievement of their own work goals.
  • The project can be repeated with the same team or with different teams to complete the required 32 hours of leadership, management and coaching practice.
  • They will practice re-focusing their attention regularly, which involves focusing on the present moment whenever they get distracted, using the techniques that we teach.
  • In their own time they can research relevant content of interest to supplement their learning (e.g. watching recommended YouTube videos of interest etc.)